Wedding Gown with Long Train - Look Like a Queen

Wedding dresses with trains came into vogue in the 19th century after Queen Victoria went to her wedding. The Queen herself made a description of the solemn dress in her diary. It was she who became the trendsetter for wedding dresses with a train. Therefore, a dress with a train is truly a royal outfit, worthy of a little princess, who since childhood dreamed of such a dress. The train was several meters long but as one of the bridesmaids noted, it was still not long enough for twelve bridesmaids to carry it with comfort and not interfere with each other. Even today, the length of the train is an important accent. Any English grandmother will tell her granddaughter about the belief - the longer the train, the happier the married life will be. So that is why it is called the wedding dresses with royal trains.

A bridal dresses with long trains - the royalty that no woman can resist. This element adds real luxury, sophistication, and elegance to the image. Like the scent of perfume, a light cloud of the trail flows behind the main character of the ceremony. Gliding behind the bride on the carpet of soft petals through the flower corridor to her dream, the train becomes a magic wind that will bring happiness.

The train, as an elongated part of the skirt, sliding behind the bride is not always comfortable. Therefore, choosing among these wedding gowns with long trains one should remember the importance of comfort during the ceremony. You may need two dresses because it will be difficult to spend the whole day on a train. For this reason, designers began to lengthen the veil or sew a removable train. The wedding dress with a removable train will be a solution to comfort. To create a dress exclusively to your wishes, you should contact us for advice and maybe the solution will be in these wedding dresses with a detachable train.