Braless Wedding Dress: to Bra or Not to Bra?

Lingerie under wedding dresses is probably the second most important part of your outfit after a dress. The choice of the type of bustier for wedding dress will depend primarily on the model of the dress. At first glance, personal imagination and a wide range of possible styles of wedding dresses can complicate the choice. Needless to say how special is such an element of the toilet as the bride's underwear. Leave this question to the masters of their craft. The ideal solution would be to choose a bra under a wedding dress at the same time as the gown. Not only the figure of the bride, personal preferences, and visions of beauty should influence the choice of model. But you need to pay special attention to convenience.

When choosing clothes for such an important day, you must first remember about comfort. Our tailors understand how excited the bride can be, and therefore the issue of comfort and convenience is always paramount. If you prefer a wedding dress without a bra and corsets that make breathing difficult, we will be happy to help. If you are comfortable not wearing a bra and it adds confidence and relaxes you, then, please. There is no rule for the bride to wear wedding undergarments. The low back of the gown emphasizes your figure, while underwear can become needless. Undergarments for a backless wedding dress will only prevent the naked body to feel the luxurious silk of natural fabric. The special feeling of freedom given by the missing lingerie will be reflected by mischievous lights in the eyes of the bride.