Layered Wedding Dress – Feel yourself a Queen

A layered skirt wedding dress is one of the most popular trends today. Many famous successful fashion designers used additional layers of fabric, sophisticated basques, and layered skirts of various lengths as an important accent of their wedding collections. How this trend captures the hearts of famous designers and brides-to-be all over the world?
Firstly, unlike with the classic “princess” style dress, a wedding dress with layers does not make the gown look like a fluffy “cloud”. In contrast textured, sufficiently voluminous folds give the image of femininity, lightness, and unsurpassed playfulness. And secondly, the universal silhouette fits almost any type of figure and is ideal for those girls who want to hide their lush hips.
The variety of such type of dresses is great. The layered lace wedding dress has a high popularity. It looks magnificently and attracts the glances of all the guests. Lacy fabric favorably emphasizes tenderness and cleanliness. Light, airy lace creates a romantic look and will be a great decoration for the bride on the day of her wedding celebration.
A layered wedding dress with sleeves is original. It is perfect for weddings in the cold season. If your dress will be decorated with sleeves you will look elegant and at the same time mysterious, gentle, and feminine.
A wedding dress with a layered skirt looks more than flirty and amazing, and swaying air folds give to the walk literally featheriness!