Traditional Dresses for Wedding is a Tribute to the Classics

Traditional wedding dresses as an integral part of the ceremony became fashionable after the wedding of Queen Victoria. She became the first woman to wear a snow-white dress for the wedding ceremony. Someone will disagree and say that the first was Queen Anne of Austria, who excited the whole French court with her white wedding dress. In any case, wearing a white dress for a wedding is a very ancient custom. The snow-white color of the dress was supposed to reflect the heavenly purity and virginity of the bride. Also, protecting her from a bad word or evil eye.

Traditional wedding gowns have a tight corset top and a luxurious fluffy skirt. In such a silhouette, women feel like royalty. The rustling of a huge number of petticoats as the bride walks sets a special beat, surrounded by live music. Soft light and abundance of flowers in the decoration of the ceremony will play along with the proud posture of the bride.

Traditional outfits for weddings should always have a fluffy skirt. Lush tulle seems to collect ambient light and looks like a warm cloud. The choice of accessories must keep the accents. A small bouquet of the most delicate roses and neatly gathered hair with the glitter of precious stones in the ears - all this will complete the image.