Silk or Satin Wedding Dresses are a Luxurious Classic

Classics are always a worthy choice. Despite the fashion for wedding dresses, satin and silk will always be of interest to brides. And it does not matter which dress you choose: a long white silk dress or a satin fitted wedding dress, in any case, the main focus will be these special fabrics. They are very dense and have a special magical shine that distinguishes the bride's dress so much.

Natural silk fabric remains the most expensive and luxurious. The bride in a silk gown looks feminine and elegant. Incredible tenderness of the fabric and a light cool shine - a silk wedding dresses need no accessories, except for pearls, which harmoniously warm up with their radiance. Like any other natural fabric, silk is very wrinkled. That is why a plain silk wedding dress with a lush waterfall skirt will very quickly lose its original appearance. And if you have a slim figure, you should choose fitted models. Silk fabric is quite difficult to work on due to constant slipping. But despite such shortcomings of the fabric, a silk wedding dress is an example of elegance.

If you choose strict lines of classic silhouettes, satin is better for this. A simple satin wedding dress, compared to silk, may include an additional thread that prevents wrinkling. And if it is a satin long sleeve wedding dress you choose the crease in the elbow joint will not look like crumpled paper. If you love the traditional silhouette of a princess, satin bridal gowns are just what you need. The material holds its shape perfectly, fits well in folds, and emphasizes the delicate A-silhouette. For the decoration of such dresses, you can use almost all kinds of it: lace, embroidery, beads, or rhinestones.