Sage-green Dresses for Wedding Ceremonies are in Trend Nowadays

Green color isn’t traditional for bridal gowns but the last year's brides-to-be are pulling away from stereotypes and customs. Nature-themed wedding dresses are really in trend and ladies preferring dark or light green shades and tints wear glamourous gowns. Those who prefer bright tints choose contemporary themes, and those who prefer the country style and organize their official ceremony in rustic style, choose delicate tints of sage and mint which are associated with nature.

Today’s sage green dresses for weddings are the perfect choice for extraordinary and glamorous ladies. Celadon wedding gown suits to a bride who is going to celebrate in the city as well as in-country style. Its elegance will be more expressed with modest jewelry and magnificent bunches of flowers.

Beach wedding style claims symmetrical one-shoulder dresses. Pastel pink flowers suit well to such a natural green hue.

Dark green hue is suitable for a winter wedding ceremony. Decor this dress with gold bangles prettiest and lavender flowers. Be as natural as you can while applying makeup and setting your hair.

Celadon wedding dress is a perfect choice! It opens before a bride various opportunities to express her individuality. This color symbolizes harmony with nature and a strong stream of energy.