Cathy Telle on MBFD Odessa 2016 17.06.2016

On 11 June, Cathy Telle traditionally opened the season by a new cruise collection at MERCEDES-BENZ ODESSA FASHION DAYS 2016.
The event was held at Otrada Beach Club beach complex, one of the best beaches of Odessa.
We were lucky, as on the very day of our show the weather stopped being capricious, making the guests and participants pleased with the cloudless sky.

The presented range, consisting of 9 models, is remarkable not only for the announcement of the coming season trends, but also for the fact that the image of our brand is formed and perfected in it.

“I have been waiting for this dress and this shot for 6 years, this is what Cathy Telle was intended to be”, responded Katya Sushko, designer, after seeing the first photos of the show. Indeed, vintage images speak for themselves, this dress is timeless, the dress that you can pass on to your daughter.

Without betraying ourselves, we choose quality natural fabrics: cotton, silk, and lace, the majority of work is hand made as usual.
More and more we are experimenting with a veil, this forgotten, but sacred accessory.
The collection turned out to be colder, with snow white and blue shades.

Tailoring the collection is not always the most difficult part of preparation. In addition, we create a detailed sketch of each image, and from this moment all is created specifically for them: wreaths, music, order walking, the idea of barefoot girls on the podium – there is no place for chances.
Models find out all the details on the day of the show, in the morning at the fitting, during which the dresses sometimes have to be taken in.

A five-minute walk on the podium is preceded by a two-hour preparation, therefore, it is very important that hairdressers, stylists, make-up artists, and all that get the girls ready acted quickly and harmoniously.
9 models, 350 buttoned buttons in 10 minutes, 18 bare feet, 9 plaited braids, 2 hours of preparation, and only 5 minutes of walk – this is the math of backstage.

It is difficult, but if it is the business of your life, then the question ‘What for?’ does not appear in your head, only ‘How?’, ‘How can it be done most quickly, qualitatively and effectively?’
The opening of the season is another step towards beautiful love stories, in which Cathy Telle dresses play not the least role.


Photographers: Bogdan Balagur, Tatyana Chaiko, Maxim Yanovskiy
Wreaths: Floroom
Make-up: VT Style
Organization: MBOFD