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Black wedding dresses

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Black wedding dress is for eccentric brides

Laconic and self-sufficient black color, infinitely loved by designers, finds its place in the conservative wedding fashion. Cathy Telle brand presents a gorgeous collection of black wedding dresses. These are weightless dresses with light skirts – the brand’s distinguishing feature, with elegantly decorated gentle, feminine, flowing bodices. Cathy Telle proves: a black wedding dress can and must be romantic! Look at all these elegant models with the finest straps and an open back, the options with long sleeves and appliqués, skirts with voluminous draping and decorated bodices. The elegance itself, embodied in lace, cotton, chiffon and silk.

Buy a black wedding dress if you are preparing a themed and stylish wedding, if you are not afraid of experiments, if you are sure that real elegance dislikes conventions. Use the accessories in cold shades, if you want to create an aristocratic image, and the accessories in warm tones, if you want to soften the strictness of a black dress. Shortened models will complement a playful image; skirts with voluminous draping will help to create a retro style look; an open back model with thin straps is appropriate for completing the bride’s image in a style, close to classical.

Choose a bold black wedding dress by Cathy Telle!