The collection “Ethno”. Details. 02.07.2016

Etno collection is an image of a modern Ukrainian bride.
We created an ethnic line, which is full of symbols, based on three elements of a Ukrainian woman’s traditional costume – a chemise, a poneva, and a vest.
All the dresses are reserved and closed, emphasizing the reference to the Ukrainian culture and customs.

Hand painting and lace applications became the main highlight of the collection.
The ornaments, which are rose hip flowers, symbolizing beauty and youth, and cotton flowers reminding of the fragility of love union, and requiring constant attention and care.

Our interpretations, very delicate and subtle, can be read in carefully selected skirt color, painting, lace or different silhouette. This can be seen in the main image of the line, a maroon skirt, an uncharacteristic shade for Cathy Telle, and a lace vest that are the attributes of the national costume.

And, of course, a chemise, inherited from ancient Scythians, became the main inspiration for the collection. For a long time a chemise was considered a sleepwear or underwear, and only a century later it transformed into a modern vyshyvanka, and became a distinct feature of a Ukrainian women’s clothing known worldwide.

A lot of meaning and emotions was invested into every line element.
It is like with the magical novel Master and Margarita, to appreciate it you have to read between the lines. We hope we have succeeded.


Photography: Лидия Кучер
Decorations: Anna-Maria. Event design