Collection “About my mom”. Details. 10.08.2016

“About my mom” is one of the dearest lines to our heart.
We have already told about the inspiration for its creation, now it is time to show the collection in detail.

It is divided into two parts. The first is a wedding part, based on the French chemise of 30s, the second is a classic bridal part.


Almost all the work, up to buttons covering, is done by hand by our seamstresses.

Graceful bodices are the most meticulous process, pre-designed ornament is sewn by hand for a few days.

Cathy Telle’s important highlight, the main ingredient of the brand, is flowing skirts. They look so magical because we use from 12 to 30 meters of fabric to create them.



As before, every shade of an item is carefully selected and dyed by professionals specifically for us. In the line, milk, nude and ivory colors prevail.

It was during the work on this collection, when Cathy Telle girl’s image established and found its clear features.


At the heart of everything we do lie three main qualities – beautiful simplicity, high quality and nobility.




Photographer: Konstantyn Zakhariy