Interview with Kostya Zakharii 23.06.2016

To work only with professionals has become an unshakeable rule for all Cathy Telle team members.
Despite the large number of creative projects with the best wedding photographers from around the world, we still have our favorites.
Konstantin Zakharii is one of those, who has won us over not only with his skills, but also incredible charisma!
We came up with a great idea to introduce Kostya, a talented wedding photographer and simply a good person, to you.

Why photography, what did you do before working as a photographer?

Before photography I went to school. I got keen on photography at high school. This was the time when I got a camera. My sister’s friend left the camera, as he did not need it for a while, and I made pictures of everything around me daily. I woke up earlier to shoot a snowy yard, I tried to make the pictures of my classmates from under the desk.
In a few years my friends started to recommend me as a photographer, and my hobby transformed into the main activity.

You shoot together with your girlfriend. How do you share duties? When and why did you decide to become a team?

Yes, Masha is also a photographer. We used to work separately, often left for two different photoshoots that same day to come back at night and share our impressions for several more hours. After a long period of such marathon we decided we needed some time to sleep!
We have been shooting as a team for two years. Certainly, two photographers is better than one, as each has his strong sides. Something will be closer and more understandable for Masha, some moment can be captured better by me because I love the live coverage.
While one is shooting, the other can notice an important detail, to make up an interesting staging, and distract with a couple of jokes. As a rule, there is one director at the set, but in the process we can replace each other a few times.

I think it is time for us to ask for some compliments:) We have had a chance to cooperate with you. Could you share your feelings?

Harmoniously, naturally, beautifully. You can concentrate on shooting, without being distracted by something else. It feels like “playing on your home field”. Something between a perfect client and a friend.

Oh, thank you very much. What else are you interested in, apart from photography?

Collecting travelling photoshoots, for example. My hobbies are more within photography, not apart from it. To walk, see beautiful light, get carried away with film photography shooting, click hashtag to go to #contax645, and get to the event.
If I try to think of something to answer the question, then travelling, doing sports, humor, live concerts in an apartment, limericks come to mind.

Do you plan your own wedding?)

For now there are a lot of weddings at photoshoots))

Tell us about your clients, who are they?

The friends of friends. Generally, thanks to “word of mouth” and the fact that Kyiv is a small city where everyone knows everyone. The most beautiful is that our clients are really in love. These are the people who appreciate natural, soft, live footage, and those, reviewing the pictures, experience the moments that we managed to capture again.

Do you have some requirements for the clients?

To be present at a photoshoot
As for events, we have an agreement, which takes into account our experience and lists all basic details, due to which the shooting process will be more comfortable for both sides. In the rest, we are sure that the relationships with clients should be easy and full of mutual trust, as the relations between people, whose mutual goal is to create happy memories about their happiest day in life.


Фотограф: Konstantyn Zakhariy