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CATHY TELLE A dress worth saving for your daughter

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  • 5D3_5294

    About my Mom

    The image of a mother is very dear to all of us and returning to a family home, we occasionally leaf through old photos, look into the faces of loved ones to guess what emotions…
  • nonsuch3

    Workshop from Meghan K. Sadler in London

    Cathy Telle dresses travel around the world, they are at the most prominent festivals, workshops and celebrations. Thanks to the organizers of Wedding Blues wedding agency, our dresses again went on a voyage, this time…
  • 5D3_5395

    The Ethno collection – in memory of my grandmothers

    Do you know what the difference is between an ordinary thing and the thing that has a history? Simple things come and go without regret and attention on our part, but the things with history…
  • TamaraGigolaphotography,Cathytelle,royalweddingdress,kakheti-0154

    Six wedding images of princesses in a new collection from Cathy Telle

    We have been keeping a secret for too long, but the time has come to tell a bit about “the blue blood” of the new collection “Grace”. Modern princesses and their wedding dresses became the…